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257 Toorak Rd (cnr Chapel St), South Yarra, Victoria 3141 · Melway ref: 2L J5
Phone: (03) 9827 3500 ·  Email: info@sodarock.com.au

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Soda Rock Diner's 20th Birthday


You can see more photos on Soda Rock Diner's Facebook page.

Halloween 2013

Valentine's Day 2013


You can see more photos on Soda Rock Diner's Facebook page.

Halloween 2012


Our 18th birthday celebrations!

Halloween 2011
The Wang family join in the Halloween fun:

They made the masks themselves—awesome!

Tomorrow is the 34th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death—we've added several of his songs to our playlist this week.

Fourth of July (Independence Day) — Dress-Up Day 2011
Minnie Mouse and Uncle Sam:

Uncle Les wants you!

Some of the gang:

A cowgirl, Wonder Woman, a cheerleader and a barkeep:

Soda Rock Diner's 17th birthday — Saturday 28th May 2011
The Wang family joined us to celebrate our 17th birthday. Yes, that's right, we opened 17 years ago, on May 28, 1994.

Thank you to the Wang family for the beautiful flowers!

Kimberley and Becca perform their dance routine, unaware they are being photographed:

Monica made a beautiful sign for our birthday; she also helped Les with the balloons, and took all these photos for us. Thank you for your help, Monica!

Neil and the gang:

Love you guys! Looking forward to your next visit!

Halloween 2010




Spectacular Schools Spectacular performers at Soda Rock — Part 2
Friday 17th September, 7:30 pm: St Arnaud Secondary College students, down in Melbourne to dance in the Victorian State Schools Spectacular, do a post-meal Nutbush (with the help of Becca, Rodney and Nanako!):

Spectacular Schools Spectacular performers at Soda Rock!
Thursday 16th September, 10 pm: Yarram Secondary College students, down in Melbourne to sing in the Victorian State Schools Spectacular, do a post-meal Nutbush with the help of Becca and Rodney… And their teachers!

Elvis Tribute Show — Saturday 11th September 2010
Damian Mullin as Elvis (with Steve and his family behind him):

Elvis ropes an unsuspecting patron into "playing" guitar during Johnny B. Goode —
and he does a brilliant job!

Everybody wave your arms!

The view from outside:

Elvis with "The Beatles":

The King and The Master (Les!):

Elvis with the Soda Rock gang:

You can see more Elvis photos on Facebook.

Received an email from Steve:
Hi Les & Kimberley,
Thanks for providing our family with a wonderful night of good food and top quality entertainment.
Damian Mullin did a fantastic job in performing quality renditions of Elvis songs as well as engaging and entertaining every one of your patrons regardless of their age.
He certainly looked the part and his banter in between songs was extremely funny and entertaining.
It certainly added another dimension to your already fantastic venue.
Regards to all of your hard working and friendly staff.
See you very soon and “thank ya very much”
Steve Tamvakis

Two of our favourite beautiful regulars Xander and Namy:

Received an email from Jeanette:
Hi Team,
Came in last night for dinner. We'll be back — best cheeseburger ever!

Thank you Jeanette! Glad to hear you enjoyed your burger!

Received an email from The Hands of Eve:
Hi Les,
How are you?
We just wanted to say a very big thank you for hosting our band photoshoot on the 9th August. We really appreciate the time & effort & the milkshakes were brilliant!!
We received our photos back & wanted to share a few with you. We'll be posting them online over the next few weeks & we'll be posting a link to Soda Rock's website on all our media.
Thank you again for everything. We love the diner & will definitely be dropping by soon to enjoy a meal.
Best wishes with all you do,
Con, Ronelle, Jim & Anthony - The Hands of Eve

Valentine's Day — Dress-Up Day 2010

The Dodds family celebrate Isabella's 10th birthday and fifth in a row at Soda Rock!

Shaun Pontifex and his family, from Adelaide, dropped in a couple of times this week:

(left to right) Karen, Corey, Kayla, Shaun, Dean

12-year-old Shaun played at the Eltham/Dandenong Junior Basketball Tournament for Sturt Under 14 Boys from Adelaide in the Championship Division. They finished second in their section to make elimination finals. Well done!

Vanessa and her fellow lovely ladies from Geelong visited us for dinner last night — nice to see you all again! Next time, remind us to put Elvis songs on (earlier) — and we will do the Nutbush (no chickening out)!

Some of our customers were lucky to have photos taken and get autographs when Serena Williams visited us for a quick bite yesterday evening.

It's Elvis' birthday today! He was born 75 years ago today; we're playing extra Elvis tracks to celebrate.

Happy New Year!

Some of our favourite regulars, the Wang family, dropped in for Christmas lunch (see if you can spot Les!):


Halloween — Dress-Up Day 2009

A couple of weeks ago Grubby & Dee Dee, GOLD 104.3FM crew and competition winners dropped in for hamburgers, fries and sodas for lunch, followed by Dee Dee's slide show of her holiday in New York.

Everyone enjoyed their hamburgers…

The GOLD 104.3 crew loved our dancing!

See more pics of Grubby, Dee Dee and guests at the GOLD 104.3 website.

Elvis' 32nd Anniversary — Sunday August 16

Soda Rock's resident Elvis

The King of Rock 'n Roll, Elvis Presley, passed away on August 16, 1977. To mark this occasion, we've got extra Elvis tunes on rotation — observant regular customers have already noticed!

You are welcome to take a photo with our Elvis — please be gentle with him!

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